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We have been in business over 70 years. We have experience with older as well as current vehicles. Rear wheel drive, Front wheel drive, All-Wheel drive, 4 wheel drive. Manual transmission, Automatic transmission, Continously Variable Transmissions (CVT), Transmission electronics, clutches, driveshafts, rear ends.

Q: What Could Happen If I Don’t Have The Repair Done?

The answer to that is not always easy. After a diagnostic, we will be able to estimate how much time you have before a castrophic failure. Or.. if there is an issue at all.

If the noise is coming from inside your transmission we have pictures of the inner workings we can show you. Many transmission shops will tell you they won't know for certain how much a repair is going to cost until you transmission is apart on the bench. We sell a lot of used and remanufactured transmissions that take that question away. You end up with a fixed cost known before any work is done. And, we have a nationwide warranty on our transmissions as well as our work.

We understand how stressful prospective repair costs can be. We take the "troubles" out of your drivetrain component troubles. The better you understand what work we will be doing, the better you will like the finished job. Our experts are patient, and sensitive to your troubles.

For the most part, no. We always use the best parts and are not willing to put our reputaion on the line to use sub-standard parts or to not replace all the worn parts while we work on your vehicle even if you were to request them sub-standard parts or for us to only replace the broken part.

Yes! And, a nationwide warranty.

Q: What Could Happen If I Don’t Have The Repair Done?

Anywhere from nothing to complete failure. Many issues are simple to solve while others are more extensive. Not having a major transmission issue resolved will most often result in much more cost to you.

Our work is backed by a nationwide warranty. Our remanufactured transmissions have a 100,000 mile 3 year nationwide warranty. Transmission repairs have a 1 year warranty.

Many talented people have trouble talking to customers who have no experience with transmission troubles at all. Our staff excels at explaining the problems and your options in a way you can understand. Some shops are good at showing you the problem and never telling you the options that are available. They convince their customers that the cost will be high no matter what is wrong.

Your vehicle has computers that monitor and control the optimal operating conditions. When a computer recognizes a problem, the "Check Engine" light is turned on. Because there is only one light, it is used to signal everything, as small as telling you it is time for an oil change or the air pressure is low in your tires to major engine or transmission problems. When you have us do a diagnostic, our seasoned professionals read the computer codes then apply their years of experience to deciding what those codes mean to you. There is simply no substitute for reading the computers in oyur vehicle. Your vehicle's computers are the "black box" that tells what is wrong.

Not all problems are visible. A physical inspection PLUS a diagnostic PLUS our years of experience can spot most failures that are covered-up or are close to happening. Most people only do the physical inspection if they do any checking at all. Be smart, bring us the vehicle to run a diagnostic because it can detect serious issues that have already happened or may happen soon.